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I’ve used daycare over the years but have rarely had to rely on it in a 40-hour a week kind of way.I do remember, one of my favorite things, picking up my daughter, seeing her before she saw me, and absolutely reveling in watching her interact with her caregiver or other children.Like the helicopter parents we swear we don’t want to be.” While I can understand a full-time working parent’s desire to check in with their child during a long work day, I have to wonder when and how they have time to tune in for any satisfactory amount of time.From what I remember about how mesmerizing baby watching can be, I’d be afraid having access to live webcam at work might get me fired.The point here is not to fault the Danbury Railroad Museum for “letting” this happen.The rules by which trains operate on American railroads were written in blood.Subsequently, it went to Amtrak, which replaced its pair of EMD 567 prime movers with higher-horsepower 645s, creating an E9 (albeit with 2600 horsepower rather than the standard 2400).Following its career with the passenger carrier, it was acquired by the Danbury Museum, and repainted as NYC 4096, since the highest-numbered New York Central E8 had been the 4095.

A couple of officers got out to talk to each other as I watched from the bridge. The officers eventually returned to their cars and stayed parked on the street. I slept on this last night and came to the conclusion that I was never in the “wrong,” even though the experience gave me the heebee jeebees.

I was ready to cluck my tongue all the way through this Globe and Mail article in favor of webcams in daycare.

At first glance, the thought of watching daycare providers watch your child just seemed odd.

Workers are being laid off as their jobs are completed on two Navy ships currently under construction there.

Both are Navy amphibious assault ships designed to carry Marines into combat.

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As an NYC fan, with a strong interest in lightning-striped E units, I was pleased that the people in Danbury had seen fit to create another one.